Dreamscape: Shrapnel

A lot of my blog will contain thoughts on TV or movies or video games, or maybe thoughts on the human condition, but it will also be an outlet for me to share how all of these external stimuli affect my sleeping state. This… is Dreamscape.

I’ve had a history of dreams that are incredibly epic. But most of them, I’m lucky enough to remain unharmed.

This past dream was one of the only instances where I woke up feeling pain.

I was a hero for some reason. And a familiar face told me that her church was about to explode. There was a bomb and as soon as the temperature dropped to a certain degree, the place would go kaboom. I (of course) rushed to the church to stop this from happening. However, as I soon as I got there, I started chatting with some people I knew. Seconds later, the place exploded into a shower of shrapnel. I could feel it in my face and it was not a pleasant feeling. I ran through the town, looking for a very certain someone. But this whole time, I could feel my face full of these metal shards.

I found someone. She was the mother of someone I knew in grade school. I told her that her son was in the church when it exploded and that he was dead (however, I don’t remember seeing this person in my dream, so maybe I was dream-lying). She collapsed into tears and I tried to comfort her, all the while with a face full of shrapnel.

It was horrible. I woke up and bit my tongue as I tried to see if my face was still intact. Then, for the rest of the day, my tongue hurt like a mother.


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